Stop Smoking Easily and Enjoy the Benefits of Improved Health

The very effective stop smoking program–combines Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Behavioral changes, Nutritional counseling, Herbal supplements, and offers free follow-up for one year.

What is the Program?

Dr. Posmantur has found that the combination of acupuncture with hypnosis and nutritional recommendations works much more effectively than any therapy alone. He has had excellent results with long-term success, and his method results in a much easier process of quitting. The therapies he uses will greatly reduce the desire for cigarettes, and will also reduce withdrawal symptoms.

  • The Acupuncture consists of 5 treatments spread over a 3-week period. Acupuncture has been found to be very effective in assisting people to quit any physically addictive drug—it has been shown that these treatments will stimulate the release of endorphins that assist in the withdrawal process and greatly reduce the desire for cigarettes.
  • The Hypnosis consists of a CD that patients listen to during acupuncture treatments, and listen to daily at home.
  • The Nutritional Changes include dietary recommendations that alkalinize the diet. This allows for slower excretion of nicotine and a more gradual withdrawal process.
  • The Botanical Medicines are drops taken during the first three weeks that also support the quitting process by reducing the desire for cigarettes.
  • The Behavioral Changes include specific suggestions for changing habitual behavior and reducing the desire for cigarettes.
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