We Treat the Whole Person & Family with Compassionate Reproductive Services

Infertility due to any reason can be stressful when you are ready to start a family. At the Seattle Naturopathy and Acupuncture Center in Seattle we provide compassionate reproductive services that treat the whole person and family. We take a holistic approach to IUIs (intrauterine Inseminations) treatments, with services from caring physicians perfectly poised to offer the care you need. Fertility clinics can be quite cold and feel sterile which isn’t conducive to fertilization and relaxation. You need more of a spiritual approach to the task of creating a new being. Our naturopathic physicians use holistic methods concerning infertility within a caring and comfortable environment that gives their partners a chance to participate in the reproductive process.

What Exactly Is an IUI Treatment?

An IUI treatment is a technique where a prepared and washed sample of sperm is placed within the uterus using a specific catheter. A fresh sperm sample is washed before IUI treatments since the cervix usually acts as a barrier to prostaglandins, leukocytes, bacteria, and seminal fluid. This helps eliminate side effects that are unwanted and uncomfortable such as anaphylactic shock and uterine cramping. When a sample is washed it also filters out immotile and immature sperm which increases the concentration of motile, healthy sperm placed near the egg. When you put your fertility care in the hands of our naturopathic physicians you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant in a empathetic and nurturing environment.

Naturopathic Treatments Improve Inseminations Experiences as Follows:

  • Natural Medicines - We recommend many different herbal medicines and acupuncture to support healthy ovulations, based on each individual patient.
  • Education - We provide you with the information you need to follow a healthy diet to improve and maximize fertility.
  • Participation - We encourage partners to be a symbolic participant with conceptions, and allow for the right intentions to be set.
  • Nurturing - Our physicians and staff are all focused on making sure you are provided with a nurturing and compassionate environment that is conducive to fertility.

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Contact us today to start the holistic fertility process. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to answer all of your questions and schedule an appointment for you now.

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